Sunday, May 4, 2014

VICE Japan: Best Pizza

マンチーズ ブルックリンで話題のピザ屋 - Munchies: Best Pizza
Not sure how this ended up on VICE Japan, but it doesn't matter. Good stuff about a pizza place in Brooklyn. Now I want some pizza.

VICE Japan: Bassanova

マンチーズ バサノバ(新代田)- Munchies: Bassanova
The guy who co-hosts this episode says he's Japanese-American, second generation (Nisei). He sounds like he's from Hawaii. 
VICE does some amazing videos from around the world, but their foodie stuff is surprisingly interesting.

VICE Japan: Hatos Bar

マンチーズ ハトス・バー(中目黒) - Munchies: Hatos Bar

Monday, April 14, 2014

Pho My Duyen

First-time trip to Pho My Duyen over the weekend. Was so good, I went back the next day for more. A Vietnamese/Filipino cuisine operation that's within my normal driving range. Unreal! And the food, yes, it was tasty. And pretty cheap, nothing more than $10 when I ordered.

Two thoughts: Vietnames and Filipino together? Brilliant. And open seven days a week? Awesomeness.

Day 1: pork adobo, pork gisantes, fried tilapia. All excellent.

Day 2: pho (beef). More awesomeness.

I like my pho untouched by condiments, so that last photo is not my bowl. To each his own. As far as pho goes, this is one of the best I ever had. Then again, never met a bowl of pho that I didn't like. 

2153 N King St
Ste 107
Honolulu, HI 96819Kalihi
(808) 847-3630

Friday, January 10, 2014

Billy's Killer Southern BBQ

Yesterday's late-afternoon lunch in Mapunapuna. Little cart/shack, big flavor. Great value for $8.50.

Located in the parking lot at 2915 Kaihikapu St., a block makai from Masa's Cafeteria. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Going to Madeira

One of these days...
I'll melt cold bacon and Portuguese sausage fat, fry a panko-covered smoked cheese in it. And stuff it into a mini, freshly baked naan. With a sliver of homegrown broccoli leaf and cherry tomato.
Until then, these will do on a chilly late night as I get some work done. Who needs to go out on a night like this anyway?

The Broadbent Madeira wine — I don't even remember if I've blogged about it before — is extremely sweet, a total surprise the first time I had it. But not too bad if you know what's coming. It looks more like apple juice. Dark apple juice.

The boiled peanuts are cold, of course, nothing as good as freshly boiled. But they taste good anyway. So does azuki bean mochi. Simple pleasures and quiet enjoyment.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Taru sake

Nine months between posts.
Shame on me, for I ate much.
Not much very new.

This bottle was sitting on the shelf for a few weeks. Not sure why I bought it, except maybe a teeny part of me has always wondered about the world's attraction to sake. I had it long ago, maybe more than two decades ago. It was not bad. No funky aftertaste that I can remember.

This stuff? It's called Taru Sake. That's all I know. And the label says it's produced in Japan. Is this the kind that should be served cold or warm? No idea. So I drink it with a couple of ice cubes in a tea cup. Not a purist. Just interested in the taste.

It has a unique aftertaste. Not sure how to describe it. It's not fruity like wine and it's not harsh like vodka. I'll say this: I like a good bottle of beer better. But a change of pace is fine by me.