Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tita's Grill

Finally got a chance to sample some grindz at Tita's Grill, located across the highway from Kahuku High School. I'm out there often enough, but usually at night, and Tita's is closed by then. One of the Kahuku basketball players recommended the tuna melt, so that's what I got.

Instead of a $3 snack, it's a $7 giant mass of goodness. I don't even like the idea of cheese and tuna together, but the buttery sweet toasted sweet bread was unexpected and incredible. This little eatery isn't cheap, but students can chow down on the burgers and fries for $3-4.

Owner Junior Ah You and his family are turning this place into a landmark. Connecting with passing visitors is no problem for the former football great.

Sugoi's Bento and Catering

I've had Sugoi's sauce in a bottle before, but sitting down for their food at City Square was new. A couple of friends headed there after church and invited me. Who am I to resist?

I had the salmon plate, which was nice. But one friend had the spicy garlic chicken. That is all about the sauce, which is spicy, garlicky and sweet. ADDICTING. I actually ate the rest of her mac salad, dipping it in the rest of the sauce.

Looking forward to more visits to this spot. But it'll be hard to ignore the spicy garlic sauce. I think I could drink it straight. That'll be another story.

Ray's Cafe

Been awhile since I stopped in at one of my favorite eating places ever. Doesn't matter what you order — everything I've ever tried was A+ level. This time, I gave the rack of pork chops a try. It was so good, it didn't need gravy. I even eschewed my usual A1 steak sauce, which I like on pretty much all my steak or pork chops.

Not here. This was $14.95 of pure satisfaction. Think Ray's would have to be back at No. 1 on my Top 10 Eateries list.

The rack of pork chops. Forgot to shoot the side of tossed salad.

Perfectly roasted everywhere

Perfectly juicy everywhere, down to the bone. 

My pal Donald had the New York steak. 

The steak was super juicy, too

The master himself, Ray, at right

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dear Zippy's ...

Dear Zippy's. I know you like to overload the whipped cream to hide this simple fact: your brownie sundae is half the size it used to be and you charge twice as much. But it's OK. I'm not paying for the food. I'm paying for some quiet time in the restaurant at 1 am. Thankful I am.

Zippy's has always made a nice, tight clubhouse sandwich. Overpriced, but I'm treating myself. The potato salad is also underrated.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Saigon House

Between the state cheerleading championships and Saigon House, I realized that the mini drive home would be amply satisfying with a stop at my favorite pho shop. Actually, after almost five hours in the chilly confines of Stan Sheriff Arena, I was actually cold by the time I left.

So I went here, got the usual (beef balls) and enjoyed as I wrote my story.


My second visit to Ichiriki, located on Piikoi Street. Satisfied both times. This was one of the late-night specials.

Yogurtland Manoa

Twice in one week. I'm out of control.

A lot of chocolate — Reece's pieces, syrup, Oreo crumbs 

Diego's Taco Shop

A year? Two years? A long time had passed since I visited Diego's Taco Shop. The cook and the guy up front were totally different. Asians running a taco shop. That's a first for me. But the results were still good. I got the chicken hard taco and a pork soft taco. Cost: $5.25. The only problem is this shop is only open during lunch time. Guess I'll be stopping here on Saturdays after those trips to the worm tea store.

Worth every cent. 

Peace Cafe

After enjoying my shave ice a few blocks away, I turned the corner onto King Street. It's true. Sweets will stimulate your appetite. I suddenly wanted tacos. Diego's Taco Shop was right there. But as I waited on the tacos, I noticed a new place next door. When I last visited Diego's about two years ago, there was nothing memorable in this space. But here it was: Peace Cafe. I peeked in twice before finally walking in.

There were about seven or eight people there, including three at the large table in the center of the customer serving area. It was a very relaxed vibe, and though the Beatles played through the sound system and a pakalolo accessories shop was right next door, Peace Cafe felt more like a coffee shop. I mean, a good coffee shop, mellow and tasty. I wasn't hungry for any of the vegetarian fare, but I just had to try their miso soup, and it was good. The menu items are a bit pricey, but that's typical for veggie fare.

It's no more expensive than most things in Starbucks, and I enjoyed the quiet and air-conditioning. A revisit in the near future is a definite must.

Waiola Shave Ice

Almost resisted the urge to drive back to McCully on Saturday. A slush float at Rainbow Drive In would've sufficed, right? But no. On to Waiola Shave Ice. It was the second leg of a relaxing Saturday, something my soul needed after a busy week.

XL Strawberry over ice cream and azuki beans on a sunny day

Cool. Now where do I get the actual shaved ice delivered to me?