Monday, April 30, 2012

Garlic steak & Broke Ass

That's right, a little leftover garlic New York steak from L&L (Kaimuki) goes nicely with a bottle of Broke Ass red wine. It sounds funny, but this is nice stuff. A little acidic, not too sweet, all the way from Argentina and less than $10 from Tamura's.

Just a kick-back night editing videos while the gym is closed for one last day. Tomorrow, the quest to lose more poundage resumes. Until then, this wine thing is pretty dang cool. Life is better with a little wind-down late in the evening.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Chocolate heaven

A visit to the Campany home last night turned out to be fun, relaxing and tasty. The family fed me and let me have some dessert, too. This is was insanely good chocolate dessert. I don't even know what you call it. I'll just say, "heavenly!"

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Avocado topping taste test

I always like salsa on my avocado. I love ketchup on my avocado, something my mom always did and I still dig it. But here I try other possibilities.

Hass, on sale at Safeway, 2 for $3

Resi Kobayashi's chili pepper jelly goes well with avocado

Resi's lilikoi butter is SUPREME, but not a good
complement to avocado. Too much creamy texture.

Fresh lime juice, I like, but it overpowers avocado

Can never go wrong with salsa on avocado

Yes, this is peanut butter. Two nutty flavors, not great.

Honey on avocado. Not bad. 

Ketchup on avocado, always my fallback topping.
Hunt's is not as good as Heinz, but it works. 

Quiet Enjoyment: More Coppola

The Coppola pinot noir, sadly, came to an end. So I uncorked this new Coppola, picked up last week at a discount. I still prefer red to white, though. This Chardonnay tasted like any other white wine, at least to my untrained palate.

Still, a nice, quiet close to the day and night.

Frozen gyoza

Lettuce wrapped around gyoza. Why didn't I do this before? Not sure. Maybe I just have no clue that what they serve "out there" is replicable "in here." 

Hard to mess up fried gyoza. So good. Particularly the one made without MSG. 

Quiet Enjoyment: Coppola pinot noir

No, I'm not a wine expert. This is the first time (that I can remember) having red wine. The fact that it was made by Francis Ford Coppola means everything. I couldn't resist getting this bottle, never mind that it was on sale.

How do I like red wine? Far, far better than white. Not as soda-ey. Nice tug-of-war taste of acidic versus sweet. But this took me a few nights to finish. I'm not a bottle-a-night guy.

Toast to Myron "Mike" Wallace, who passed at 93 last week.

Late-night munchies: Pastrami, cheddar

Yeah, it's slightly decadent, but far less disgusting than my old late-night snacks. Lavosh, turkey pastrami and cheddar. That's right, I'm losing weight without sacrificing cheese. In fact, I'm eating more cheese now than I did while I gained weight. That's because I'm a hamster in the gym, riding that old-man stationary bike for 40 minutes at a time. Worth the pastrami.

Quiet Enjoyment: A first dip in the well

Santa Cristina, $0. I got this free. 

I didn't pay for this bottle. I don't even drink wine. It was free, a giveaway at the table I sat at for a banquet. Free is usually good. Getting into this wasn't so easy. I don't have a corkscrew. So I bought one from Tamura's. Then I lost it. That killed the excitement at midnight, struggling to get that *(&#!! cork out. 

I planned on going back to Tamura's to get another corkscrew. Instead, I made it to Longs Drugs the next day and found a few different types, far, far better than the $8 dealio I lost. I paid $13 for my new one, this one being made of metal, not plastic. (I'm certain the plastic one would've worked fine, but in my book, more steel is better.) So I finally got into this bottle. 

I guess white wine is white wine. I'm a beer guy. But with beer comes a lot of calories and I am trying to losing weight. So wine seems all right, even if it all tastes the same, the white stuff anyway. Reminded me of those Bartyles & James wine cooler days of the 1980s. 

Something happened, though, as I sipped out of my sparkly new wine glass (purchased from ... uhh I can't remember, but it's made of crystal and does a musical "Zinnnnnngg!" when accidentally poked by metal), I felt an undeniable surge of interest in sipping this stuff. So the wine — cheap wine, not $100 bottles — collection is underway. 

Quiet enjoyment, another way to spend a solitary evening after work. Especially when the old bones are sore from working out and telling me to give it a rest. Wine and lavosh and sriracha and cheddar. Easier on the belly, too, than Tombstone frozen pizza and beer.