Friday, August 21, 2015

Awesome Sauce: Palama Market bibim kooksoo

Pit stop at Palama Market in Kalihi for my first meal of the day. The bibim kooksoo (cold) was perfect. I liked the price first, but the sauce. THE SAUCE. Nice spicy, nice sweet. AWESOME SAUCE.

I'm not kidding. If they bottled this, I'd buy it. Then I'd sip it. Addictive.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Foodie Route: McCully to Kaimuki

If I had to suggest a foodie route for Kapahulu/Kaimuki/Moiliili/McCully, it would go something like this.

1. Enchilada plate (pork/steak) at Torito's (Market City) ONLY IF THE COOK'S MAMA MADE THE SAUCE THAT DAY. That sauce is the bomb. I fold my Mexican rice into the sauce to get every savory drop. Yes, I would drink it from a bottle.

2. Chicken donburi at Okata Bento. Metered parking only but worth the quarter (or two). Only open for lunch hours.

3. Wash it down with A) an XL bowl at Waiola Shave Ice​ (I prefer li hing/strawberry flavors with azuki beans and ice cream) or B) mocha frappe at Smokey's. BEST MOCHA FRAPPE ON OAHU.

4. Afternoon snack: Chili plate w/ mac salad and side of Asian cole slaw at Rainbow Drive- In​. Yes, best chili in Hawaii. I don't mix everything up like some people, but I love the chili and mac salad together — even though I always avoid mac salad otherwise. Not quite the same as adding a dollop of mayo to chili like they do in Kohala, but close. Optional: Huli chicken (1/4 or 1/2 chicken) next door (Rainbows' own Hawaii Finest Kitchens). If it's not charred, you're missing out.

5. If you're still thirsty, stay at Rainbows and get the humongous shave ice at their Shimazu Shave Ice stand. Their ice is not as powdery-fine as Waiola, which is good. A little texture is best.

6. Take home: ahi limu poke and spicy pipikaula from Tamura's on 10th Ave.