Sunday, June 28, 2009

Diego's Tacos: $5 burritos are great deal

Diego's Tacos makes great stuff. I've been there three or four times -- not quite enough considering the quality of their food. Located right next to the Old Stadium Park, they've offered $5 burritos, which include rice and beans. I had the pork burrito last week, so freaking excellent. Did you know they eat more pork than beef in Mexico? Yeah, a lot more. The whole beef thing is more about American tastes. Anyway, the other day, I had the chicken burrito, $5 special, plus guacamole for just 62 cents more. Man, that guacamole was the best.

Oceans808: ahi poke is awesome

I didn't expect to have ahi poke and nacho chips with spinach/artichoke dip that night. Turns out surprises can be tasty. And awesome. Next time I have some pupus at Oceans808 (Restaurant Row), it'll be during happy hour, when prices are almost 50% off. This combo (below) was less than $20 and worth every penny at the end of a long, busy week.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Chinpei: miso ramen

Another spot introduced by Mr. Hornet. Chinpei has some very good miso ramen -- red miso, it seems. The roasted garlic is nice, too. This is a place that's old-fashioned -- check out the hand-written items and prices on the wall -- and yet air-conditioned and contemporary. Yeah, that's KUMU rocking on the radio. Not so much rocking, actually. The green tea was a nice touch. Prices are real good and is the service.

If Chinpei was a block away, I'd be there 3-4 times a month.

Young's Cafe

Mr. Hornet, aka Mr. Baseball, led me to Young's Cafe, located on the corner of Pensacola and Young. Hole in the wall, very clean, and very simple menu. I've been there a couple of times, and the food rocks. Below, a mixed plate of steak and mahi. Yeah, that's right, they give you a lot of tossed salad. The price is right, too.

Photos from June 1.

Best meat jun? Maybe Gina's

This is overdue. I took this photo back on January 17 of this year. Meat jun plate from Gina's (Market City). Is it the best meat jun in town? Maybe. I just know it's really good. I prefer it with kochujang sauce (paste?).

Dotchi isn't just about food

No. It's also about specialists. Perfectionist specialists. I started watching Dotchi quite late -- only within the past year or two. But I've been recording the show on my DVR lately and I'm fully addicted. The whole banter and competition between celebrities and foods are OK.

What I really like is the background footage the show gives us about specific ingredients. The whole notion of perfection is interesting. Sometimes it goes too far, of course, but on Dotchi, it's really cool seeing where the best sesame seeds for paste comes from. Sesame paste! Never heard of it but as a fan of sesame seeds and sesame oil, I'm intrigued.

Maybe my vacation should be a food tour.