Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Raimat Chardonnay plus chicken

Late night, but still early enough to pick up some awesome salt and pepper fried chicken wings from Golden Duck. Their version has a great chili pepper/garlic topping that I am addicted to. Some $5.99 (on sale) Raimat Cardonnay 2007 went well with the chicken and rice. I'm still not a wine snob. I just like good, inexpensive wine with my food sometimes. Actually, I'd gone about a month with any wine, and I was not better for it. A good beverage definitely takes the edge off when the world can be almost intolerably stupid and lazy. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Why I lub Golden Duck

Dear Golden Duck Chop Suey,

I have been sitting here for at least two hours, doing some work, Facebooking ... including at least an hour after finishing my awesome salt & (chili) pepper (and garlic) chicken wings and rice. Not once have you guys told me (ever) to please get out and stop occupying our booth in the back corner. This is why I keep coming back. Good service. Tolerant of occupiers. Great food. Tip: 30%. At least.

Made it 50%. I was there three hours, not two.