Friday, September 7, 2012

Leeward Bowl

From July 28 on a work road trip to Pearl City. Leeward Bowl has some tasty food like this chopped steak plate. Just takes 15-20 minutes sometimes, and I didn't realize that then. But this was ono. And they even offer a good tossed salad.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Via Gelato

Minutes after gorging on that massive bowl of Yogurtland yog, I stopped in at Rainbow Drive In. Yes, it's true ... sweets can stimulate the appetite, and I'd skipped breakfast and lunch. But I came across this cool truck. Via Gelato! I'd read about them somewhere. She was closing shop, but I got some nice shots.

Hello Kitty at Land of Yog

It was almost 1 o'clock on an August afternoon when I saw it online in the Star-Advertiser: Yogurtland Waikiki's Hello Kitty promotion. I'm not a Hello Kitty fan, but I do lub me some Yogurtland. So I drove to Waikiki, something I normally loathe, found the parking lot way too late and stepped up. Too bad the promotion ended at 2 pm. I was about 5 minutes too late. The manager/owner said they'd reopen at 2:30. Did they really run out of yogurt? The place had been packed, apparently, and the promotion was a hit. But I didn't really want yogurt. I wanted the souvenirs. Why? I'm still not sure. I ended up sending them to friends — true Hello Kitty fans — on the Big Island.

But I did eventually get me a big ol' bowl of Yogurtland yog. And it was good. Very good.

Jeremiah Weed Iced Tea

Reads "malt beverage" and "roadhouse tea" on the label, but tastes like a regular, nice iced tea. For $3 (on sale at Safeway), not bad.

August in a nutshell

Posting various photos of food — good food, mostly — from August. It was quite a busy month, so I haven't really caught up until now.

Pork chops, Ray's Cafe (take out)
Possibly the best chops on planet Earth

Waianae Store

Always trust experienced hands when it comes
to making fresh ahi poke

Waianae Store, the only place I know that makes
your ahi poke to order, custom made

I waited in line at Faith's, aka Tasty Freeze, but it 
took forever, so I left. The guy before me waited almost
20 minutes for a single burger, time I just didn't have. 

Spam bowl at Leilehua. 

Saimin and high school football just go together,
whether it's at Aloha Stadium or old Honolulu Stadium.

Kalua pig and cabbage at Moanalua.

One of my Top 3 favorites: the salt & pepper 
(and chili pepper and garlic) fried chicken wings
from Golden Duck. 

Mabo tofu and noodles at Ezogiku (Moiliili)

The beef curry at Ezogiku (Moiliili) has really,
really improved lately. I hadn't tried it in years,
but I wandered in one night and saw another 
patron having it. It just smelled different. It's much
more on that Japanese, sweet-but-still-spicy
flavor. Awesome. 

Combo hamburger curry/chili plate at Kaiser.
I refuse to eat canned chili, but this is awesome
homemade. Recipe is by Kaiser AD Rodney Iwasaki, 
who used to make this at Roosevelt games when
he was the AD there. Can't go wrong for only $6.

Shave ice at Waipahu football game

I got the melona flavor shave ice at Waipahu. Thumbs up!