Sunday, May 4, 2014

VICE Japan: Best Pizza

マンチーズ ブルックリンで話題のピザ屋 - Munchies: Best Pizza
Not sure how this ended up on VICE Japan, but it doesn't matter. Good stuff about a pizza place in Brooklyn. Now I want some pizza.

VICE Japan: Bassanova

マンチーズ バサノバ(新代田)- Munchies: Bassanova
The guy who co-hosts this episode says he's Japanese-American, second generation (Nisei). He sounds like he's from Hawaii. 
VICE does some amazing videos from around the world, but their foodie stuff is surprisingly interesting.

VICE Japan: Hatos Bar

マンチーズ ハトス・バー(中目黒) - Munchies: Hatos Bar