Monday, August 29, 2011

Cucumber growing fundamentals

I've had some problems with my original two transplanted Fanfare cucumber plants. The pollination process has been mediocre — only one successful fruit from four female flowers — and the leaves have been dying off more and more. Though I'm told by a good friend that this is natural, I'm wary about the whiteflies that have been hiding out under these leaves. So, I'm on a quest to learn more about cucumber growing, especially for growing in containers without any direct sunlight.

As for whiteflies, here's what they advise on How to get rid of white flies

Soapy water. I gotta try this immediately.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pickled Mango REVISED

I'm so lazy. How does anyone go months without blogging after going through the trouble of starting a blog? But it's not like I've been totally bored. I've been planting vegetables. Seeds. Starter pots. I still eat out, but the lanai garden is my fascination. Limitations, yes. But still a new world to me that I learn more and more about. So I'm going to post my hundreds (yes, HUNDREDS) of photos. I'm also going to make a habit of posting embedded YouTube videos from some gardeners I enjoy learning from.

YouTube meant so little to me until I bought a handful of little starter plants from City Mill one day. I didn't even plan on buying plants. It just sorta happened, and now there are roughly 15 or 20 plants. Anyway, this guy says this is his front-yard garden, but it feels more like a farm to me. I'd love to have the space to do what he does, but I lack the knowledge and, after all, God never gives us more than we can handle.