Pickled Mango REVISED

I'm so lazy. How does anyone go months without blogging after going through the trouble of starting a blog? But it's not like I've been totally bored. I've been planting vegetables. Seeds. Starter pots. I still eat out, but the lanai garden is my fascination. Limitations, yes. But still a new world to me that I learn more and more about. So I'm going to post my hundreds (yes, HUNDREDS) of photos. I'm also going to make a habit of posting embedded YouTube videos from some gardeners I enjoy learning from.

YouTube meant so little to me until I bought a handful of little starter plants from City Mill one day. I didn't even plan on buying plants. It just sorta happened, and now there are roughly 15 or 20 plants. Anyway, this guy says this is his front-yard garden, but it feels more like a farm to me. I'd love to have the space to do what he does, but I lack the knowledge and, after all, God never gives us more than we can handle.