Thursday, March 29, 2012

The real reason I go to Costco

Every one or two months, I stop in at Costco in Iwilei, usually to get cheaper gas. But this time, I went in to get rotissere chicken. Then I got cheap FiberOne bars. Then a bottle of Francis Ford Coppola wine. I'm not a wine guy. Don't have a bottle opener. But that's changing, I guess.

The pizza. It's 2 bucks and tastes good, always been a fan of their pizza. No soda though. I have some sense of self-control there.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chun Wah Kam

This popular Chinese eatery has expanded with a new site in Kakaako. The area is teeming with more and more condominiums and there are dozens of auto garages in the vicinity. Perfect for take-out Chinese dishes and dim sum. They have about 20 kinds of manapua and other goodies storing away in these giant storage warmers behind the counter. Innovative, fast and tasty!

I only had the taro cake since I was merely delivering the goodies to a friend. But I'll definitely be back for my own treat. Hours are 9 am to 7 pm daily. Too bad. I could use some awesome Thai chicken curry manapua after a midnight workout.

Rainbow Drive In

Hadn't had a chopped steak plate at Rainbows in awhile, even though I think of it every Tuesday and Thursday, which is when they make it. I got Asian cole slaw instead of mac salad, makes a big difference in calories. Hey, I dropped some weight doing little changes like this. Rice = 242 calories in one scoop. Mac salad not any better! 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Resi's chili pepper jelly, lilikoi butter

Nothing beats homemade. Resi Kobayashi makes a chili pepper jelly, her mom's recipe, with ingredients from back home — Kona. Her husband, Lance, rates Kona chili peppers as the best. I can't disagree. The jelly is savory, spicy, sweet, completely delectable.

Resi's lilikoi butter is tasty. The lilikoi comes from the Kalaoa hillside. The region is famous for its Kona coffee farms and everything I know of that grows there is of the highest, tastiest quality. I fear lilikoi butter, always have. But an indulgence now and then is OK. So this morning's breakfast is Resi's chili pepper jelly and lilikoi butter on saloon pilot crackers.

From my Facebook page:

Trent Walters: "I've been lucky enough to have that jelly. I agree very Ono."

Gail Juan: "My mom makes it too!!! How do you eat it? We put a slab of cream cheese... the pepper jelly on top ... and Ritz crackers. I want some now!!!"

Brian Santos: "Paul, get some Big Island smoked meat, haet a pan and toss the meat with some of that jelly. Winnahs!" 

Brad Uemoto: "Okay, here's the trick with the lilikoi butter... buy the gallon sized Breyers vanilla ice cream (the one with the black spreckles inside) and top it with the butter. That's the only way I eat it!" 

Pepper jelly has this magical effect, drawing out exclamation points from otherwise mild-mannered citizens. I just enjoyed a bunch of the jelly and lilikoi butter. My estimate is that both jars will be empty within a few days.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Rainbow special: huli-huli chicken

Rainbow Drive-In and huli-huli chicken. A match made in heaven.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Tenkaippin

I say "more" when it's been less than a month since the previous visit.

Greg's beer arrives

Dave got this. I gotta try this next time

Whatever this is, it's tasty

My regular: kotteri ramen

Side order roast pork

This chili paste is ono.
Condiments separate the average ramen shops from the best.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More Liliha Bakery

Twice in a three-day span. Yep, all that buttery goodness. Not feeling guilty, though. I hit the gym after each ingestion of mass calories, carbs and juicy butteryness.

Pure goodness

Tool of the trade