Brew Review: Cooper's Best Extra Stout

Cooper's Best Extra Stout (Australia)
Appearance (0 to 4 stars): 4.0. Dark as shoyu. I like that.
Aroma: 3.0. Not a strong aroma, but definitely rich.
Flavor: 3.5. Sweet, then a tinge of bitterness.
Texture: 4.0. Goes down as smooth as Guiness.
Drinkability: 3.5. Nice, not as sweet as Guiness, but still sweeter than the average brew.

Overall score: 18.0 / 20.0

Cost: $3, size 12.7 oz.
On the label:
Summary: The only other Aussie beer I'd seen was Foster's Lager (oil can). This brew has an old-fashioned look with the label and 19th-century font style. However, once I poured this baby into my mug, it looked very much like Guiness, except a little darker. This didn't disappoint a bit. Hail Australia!

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