Iron Chef America: Cantu the creator

One of the best episodes of Iron Chef America I've seen ran the other night: Morimoto vs. Cantu.

Secret ingredient: beets.

I was mesmerized by the use of high tech by both chefs, but Cantu clearly has taken it to an insanely geeky level that is very entertaining. For me, beets were something that came in a can, tasted better refrigerated and always had a dollop of Best Foods mayonaise on the side.

There was no mayo in Kitchen Stadium. The dishes were more creative, more elegant, more layered than I've seen. The judging panel was very, very happy, I'd say.

Cantu left an amazing impression on me. Here's what his influence is like in the foodie culture. From what I saw on the show and what I see on the web, he is not only a chef, but an innovative designer of art.

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