Kohnotori is so easy to miss, located between Puck's Alley and 7-Eleven on S. King St. A more famous restaurant is next door, but Kohtonori offers so many tasty and reasonably priced pupus. It's been more than a year since my first visit, but I plan to go again in the near future. They have some simple, yet eclectic pupus.

1. Don't miss the yellow and white sign.
2. Busy on a weeknight.
3. Chili powder was mild.
4. Beef tongue? It was good. Pupulemeter: 3 1/2 stars (out of 4).
5. Tofu disappeared before my eyes. Melts in da mouth. Pupulemeter: 3 1/2 stars.
6. Fried gizzards. Had to try. Was pretty good. Pupulemeter: 3 stars.
7. Chicken. Ono.
8. Not your typical musubi. Crunchy/roasted on the outside. Not bad. Pupulemeter: 2 1/2 stars.
9. Gohan. Pupulemeter: 3 stars.
10. Chicken liver. Looked like art. Tasted like liver. Pupulemeter: 3 1/2 stars IF you like liver. (And I don't like the stuff normally.)
11. Asparagus. Came with a dollop of mayo. Pupulemeter: 3 stars.
12. Chicken cartilage. Had to try it. Crunchy, salty. Pupulemeter: 2 1/2 stars.
13. Roasted garlic. Was sweet, ono. They give around 20 cloves. Pupulemeter: 3 stars.
14. Hiroshi digs into ... what?
15. Mushrooms. Succulent with grated daikon. Pupulemeter: 3 1/2 stars.
16. Hiroshi's soup. Looks good.
17. Lotus root with meat. Crunch, tasty. Pupulemeter: 3 1/2 stars.
18. Easy to miss this place. Look for this sign.

2626 S King St Ste 1
Honolulu, HI 96826-3248
Phone: (808) 941-7255

This restaurant is located behind the old Mo'ili'ili Barbershop location (pictured at top right on this page).