Photo Tour pit stop: Bangkok Chef

Between here and there, a hungry sports journalist has to eat.

Pupule-O-Meter: Bangkok Chef's Yellow Chicken Curry = 4 stars (out of 4)

There's nothing that beats curry, that wonderful conglomeration of spices and herbs. Though curry originated in India, it has reincarnated in various forms across Asia, Europe and Africa, let alone Polynesia and the Americas. (If I left out any other continent or region like Malaysia and Australia, I apologize profusely.)

My all-time favorite curry is the Thai version, lush and rich with coconut milk, sometimes blessed by basil and always, always good. After stopping in at the office yesterday, I had to get breakfast somewhere. It was already lunchtime, and with parking an impossibility downtown, I suddenly recalled that little haven up Nuuanu Avenue: Bangkok Chef.

I'd heard about how good it was, not just in quality, but in price. I took my mom there a couple of times after she had done a rehab session at Kuakini. We both loved it. So I went. Parking in the back, old-fashioned order-at-the-register style. These folks have been feted and applauded in the media before, so asking for a picture or two was welcome by the owners.

I ordered the Yellow Chicken Curry. Yellow curry, of course, is milder in heat. (A hotter curry would go well with a Heineken, which I used to do years ago at the old Keo's on South King Street.)

The curry was absolutely awesome and filling. I could barely finish it, but I enjoyed it thoroughly as I did some work on the laptop. The restaurant was busy for the entire hour I was there. Some folks watched TV (they have it on CNN rather than CNBC, which I would've preferred), but most just enjoyed the casual, laid-back atmosphere and friendly service.

Because the owners' roots are in selling fresh produce, they still have a table stocked with vegetables. I was tempted to buy, but with more stops along the way, I didn't want the veggies to sit in my car too long. The photos below speak for themselves. I can hardly wait for my next visit to Bangkok Chef.

Check out their site at

Bangkok Chef
1627 Nuuanu Ave.
Monday-Saturday: 10:30 a.m.-9 p.m.
Sunday: closed