Brew Review: Bikini Blonde Lager

The search for more locally-made (Hawaii) brews slowed recently until I made a long-anticipated visit to Liquor Collection in Ward Warehouse. I found beers made by Maui Brewing Co. there. Never heard of MBC, and the fact that they can their brews was a bit perplexing. Nevertheless, they had an attractive boxed pack, a la Samuel Adams' "Mix Pack" of three different beers. I decided to save a few bucks and buy singles of MBC's brews. Mahalo to Jay of Liquor Collection for his astute recommendation.

Bikini Blonde Lager (Maui Brewing Co.)
Appearance (0 to 4 stars): 3.5
Aroma: 3.5
Flavor: 3.0
Texture: 3.5
Drinkability: 3.5

Overall score: 17.0 / 20.0

Cost: $2, Liquor Collection, 12 oz. can.
On the label:
Summary: I was repelled at the thought of a canned beer, but the manager at Liquor Collection assured me that the freshness of the brew was only the best. He was right. Out of the can, there is no weird, funky aftertaste. BBL is simply a strong lager with a nice fizz and kick, which then goes down smoothly and leaves the palate rather neutral until the next sip. This went well with spaghetti. It would also go great with chips and salsa. Mexican food. Korean food. Anything spicy.

MBC has brewed many different beverages, but only three are on the market: Bikini Blonde Lager, Big Swell IPA and Coconut Porter. I'll try the latter two in the coming week.

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Reviewed on Sept. 16, 2007.