Brew Review: Mehana Volcano Red Ale

Mehana Volcano Red Ale (Hilo, Hawaii)
Appearance (0 to 4 stars): 4.0. Work of art.
Aroma: 3.5. Sweet and rich.
Flavor: 3.5. Smooth, nothing like the typical Hawaii favorites.
Texture: 4.0.
Drinkability: 4.0.

Overall score: 19.0 / 20.0

Cost: $3.
On the label:
Summary: Absolutely stunned by this brew from Hilo. My guess is that the brewery is more out of Hilo, toward the cooler elevations of Mountain View or Volcano, because this brew is a winner. Just the way I like a beer. Not sour, not tart, no funky aftertaste. Just smooth, rich and satisfying. I hate to say it, being a former Kona resident, but this is the best beer from the Big Island that I've had the pleasure to taste.

Reviewed April 12, 2007