Brew Review: Waialua Root Beer

I have just tasted the finest root beer of my life. Better than A&W when they were next to Washington Intermediate School. Better than all my favorite root beers.

Waialua Soda Works sells their unique sodas at Star Market, so I picked up a trio of single bottles. I debated over which flavor to try first, but since I was having hot dogs for lunch, root beer was the right pic. It is unmatchable, still fizzing, bubbles still buoyant — yet calm — 5 minutes after I've taken the cap off. The taste is exquisite, a pure, natural product. Just a hint of vanilla coats the taste buds.

The followthrough is amazing. If you really love root beer, you will not only enjoy the taste, but the lingering, subtle and sweet chemistry of cane sugar, Maui white sugar and vanilla.

Waialua Root Beer (Waialua Soda Works, HI)
Appearance (0 to 4 stars): 4.0
Aroma: 4.0
Flavor: 4.0
Texture: 3.5
Drinkability: 4.0

Overall score: 19.5 / 20.0

Cost: $2. (I have to double check my receipt. Might have been a buck and change.)
On the label: "Waialua Soda Works ... finest Hawaiian quality ... Root Beer ... naturally flavored soda. Also some writing in Japanese.
Summary: The only reason this soda didn't have a perfect score is that I would've liked a smidge more carbonation, but it is perfect nonetheless, say my taste buds. Big surprise, huge future ahead for this product and Co.

Reviewed Sept. 4, 2007