Mystery solved

Well, OK, not a mystery. I just started wondering whether Waialua Soda Works bottled its onolicious sodas here or on the mainland. The notion occurred to me because I'd learned that Kona Brewing Co. bottles its product in California. Yuck!

So, I sent an e-mail to WSW, but while I visited their site for the first time, I found all the info I needed. Jason and Kathy Campbell, who started the company in 2004, do everything from scratch to finish right there in Waialua. Awesome, indeed.

Star-Bulletin: Newlyweds bet the farm on pineapple soda made in Hawaii

I've already reviewed the Root Beer. Exquisite. The Pineapple is good. I've yet to review that one or the Mango (still in the fridge). And then there's the Vanilla Cream. Love the local products.


Brian said…
Kona Brewing Company bottled beers are not brewed in California. They are brewed by Kona in Portland, OR. Ecologically and economically, it doesn't make sense to ship all the raw materials to HI to produce it and then back to the mainland to sell. Freight is higher for raw materials to HI then finished goods. Diversify our economy? Go figure.

I would check my facts on WSW too.