Old Saimin House

You might be surprised to see that the Old Saimin House is run by some fairly young people. Does it matter? Not really. The food is hot and good for the soul on a cool night.

I like the won tun saimin with, of course, my trusty Chinese mustard and shoyu. The place is classic old school. Even the BBQ sticks haven't changed in generations. Don't think kal bi style here. Think meaty chunks of steak on a stick, soaking in a sweet shoyu-based sauce.

OSH wasn't a regular stop for me growing up since it's out of the way for those of us who grew up in Mo'ili'ili. But with Washington Saimin long gone, finding a solid night-time saimin joint is getting tougher. OSH definitely fills the bill.

Old Saimin House
1311 N King St
Honolulu HI 96817
Phone: (808) 842-7697