Ramen rules

It's a new year and time for some quick notes since my previous post ages ago.

• Ajitama Ramen, to my regret, is no more. I ate there only once, didn't take pics, and feel sad that they're gone. However, it's not all bad. Tenkaippin has taken over, in the same spot next to Starbucks in Kapahulu, and the kotteri ramen (#1 on the menu) is lucious. I am addicted to it, which is why I fight off the impulse to eat there daily. With the rather cool weather we've had here lately — 70 degrees and windy — ramen always hits the spot.

• Taiyo Ramen is still my favorite for miso ramen, but I have to say that the gyoza I've come to love and adore over the years took a big step down recently. Maybe the cook had the night off, but the plate I got the other night had some flimsy, break-on-contact gyoza, which is incredibly unusual since their gyoza is normally crispy and crunchy on the outside.

• The hot sour soup at New Kapahulu Chop Suey (across Taco Bell) is outstanding. It helped me get through a night of misery which I had a cold for a month. I also recommend "plate lunch B," which is a mix of beef broccoli, sweet-sour pork, rice and/or noodles and crispy gau gee. Great deal for less than $7.

More later.


Ruth Campbell said…
If you like japanese ramen you might want to check out Ramen 2.0... Kampai!
Thank you, Ruth! More ramen for all!