Brew Review: Gulden Draak

Gulden Draak
Appearance (0 to 4 stars): 4.0
Aroma: 4.0
Flavor: 4.0
Texture: 4.0
Drinkability: 4.0

Overall score: 20

On the label:
Summary: Holy shit, this is good. My expectations were lowered when the clerk at Liquor Collection said that it was overrated, blah blah blah. Well, this is the very last of the brews in my fridge (not including the leftovers from the "coffee beer" 6-pack). It is rich, beautiful, has a little kick and is still smooth. One note: the suds are so lush, it looks like whipped cream on top as the brew warms up. It comes in a very small white bottle, but absolutely worth every cent.

Extra note: Careful when pouring. It suds up very quickly and races to the top of your glass. Is it possible the special bottle shape is to account for this?