Brew Review: Mac's Blackwatch Cream Porter

Mac's Blackwatch Cream Porter (Mactarnahan's Brewing Co., Ore.)
Appearance (0 to 4 stars): 3.5
Aroma: 4.0
Flavor: 4.0
Texture: 4.0
Drinkability: 4.0

Overall score: 19.5 / 20.0

Cost: $7.99 / 6-pack at Safeway Kapahulu.
On the label: n/a
Summary: I never expected another 6-pack on sale at Safeway to be this good. But I was wrong. This lush, dark brew looks the part of a porter, even a stout. But the carbonation is refreshing and the brew goes down quickly, not syrupy. It really has a borderline coffee taste, slightly sweet, but not so rich that it kills the palate on a warm day or evening. It's just great stuff.