Furikake kicker dressing

I'm no kitchen guru, but when there's a lack of variety in the fridge, I tend to make do.

I do love Best Foods mayo, but I only eat it once or twice a month. One of those times was this morning when I was not in the mood for Italian dressing on my breakfast salad. So, I whipped together some good stuff. The greens (Costco) and diced chicken (Costco) got just the right partner in this concoction. The chili pepper sauce, courtesy of Jerry Campany, offers a different face on this dressing. I like it both with and without the extra kick.

2 tbsp Best Foods mayonnaise
1 tsp mustard
1 tsp furikake
1 shot Makakilo Moons Thai chili pepper sauce (optional)

Mix and enjoy. Goes well with salads, chips and sandwiches.

Note: Jerry's Makakilo Moons Thai chili pepper sauce is smoky and nuclear.