Back to Buffalo: Wings from heaven?

Does food always taste better at 2:35 a.m.?

Maybe it's just the GOOD food that tastes so much like a trek into nirvana. Last night, I couldn't resist stopping in at Buffalo Boys Hoagies. Again. (I tried the Shroom Hoagie the night before.) Just had to try another item from the menu: Buffalo Wings.

First, the fries: tender, delicate, lightly salted, slightly crispy on the outside. I should remind you that I am a fan of those old-school fries with ridges, not shoestring or wedge potatoes. But these are an exception for the reasons I described. For you wing purists, yes, I used ketchup with my fries. So what.

These fries are good. I know they are because I wish I had a double order.

Wings: Juicy. Succulent. Oh man. I got the mild-heat wings, thinking that I can always try the medium or hot versions another time. (There's also plain and BBQ flavors.) But this set of wings was a revelation. I will be having these again soon. Fyi, BBH uses Frank's Redhot Sauce. There are gallon jugs standing like trophies in the corner behind the counter, a sea of massive red heat. You fear or you embrace.

Comes with the blue cheese dip. Quite a few clumps of actual blue cheese in there. Awesome.

The 10-piece wings is $7.99, pretty fair deal. I couldn't finish for some reason. But wings for breakfast is a nice start to the morning.

BBH is located at 2671 S. King St., makai side between Spices restaurant and Kokua Market, open 10:30 a.m. to 3 a.m. except some holidays. Like Easter.