From Buffalo to Mo'ili'ili

I don't know how or why Buffalo-style hoagies are in my neighborhood. I just know they're damn good.

Not much to say here. It was late, I was on my way home, food on my passenger seat. But if you've driven through Mo'ili'ili lately on South King Street, you may have noticed a new hole-in-the-wall spot, Buffalo Boys Hoagies. For me, it was beyond novelty. Who in his or her right mind opens a business in this economic climate? Nuts. Suicidal. Death wish? Hmmmmmmmm...

So I'm en route home early in the morning -- dinner time by my time zone -- and I notice the lights on as I pass BBH. Then I notice people are in there, one of them mopping the floor at 2:30 a.m. Holy crap. I turn around. They are open. Three guys and whoever else in the kitchen, wide awake. Tables put away, cleaning up, but still open. They advise me. The first item on the menu is the Steak Hoagie, but I go for the second, which includes mushrooms.

A few minutes later, I'm out the door. That chicken curry on rice in my car can wait (and become my breakfast). The verdict? The Fresh Shroom Hoagie ($7.29) -- steak with fried onions and fresh mushrooms, melted American cheese and secret sauce -- is hard to put down once you open the paper wrapping up. After the second bite -- it's so consistently good -- I realized this is something you may crave later. One of those foods you dream of in that cliche scenario of being lost on a deserted island.

They do have hot subs. The difference between a hoagie and a hot sub, I'm told, is that the meat in a hoagie isn't chopped all the way through. What I want to try next time is their Buffalo Wings. Has to be good, right? I recommend that they play my all-time favorite Buffalo film, Buffalo 66, on the in-house TV. That's another classic that would fit well with the hoagies.