Tasty Freeze/Waianae Drive-In has Faith

Faith's Place serves up the same burgers, hand-cut fries and that onolicious mustard-mayo sauce.

Faith is not the name of a new owner. It's the name picked by a pastor (the lady behind the window said), and a church (I'm guessing) now owns one of Waianae's oldest eateries.

Unlike before, they now serve plate lunches. Today's choices were roast pork (which was out by 3 p.m., shortly after I got there) and pork adobo. Hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

How was the food? Good as before, though it's not as cheap. Still reasonable: hamburger special (burger, fries, medium drink) is just $5.15. It's an extra $.50 for sauce on the burger or fries. The strawberry-orange (combo) soda I ordered was flat, so the lady was nice enough to get me another one. Still flat, unless she forgot and got me a fruit punch.

Note: If the customer ahead of you orders 12 burgers and fries, expect to wait about 15 minutes. It's worth the wait.


c said…
This use to be the old Tasty Freeze right acorss the 711 in Wai'anae, now it's under a new name and new management .First off let me tell you what a HORRIBLE experience my family and I had when eating here. Upon ordering at the window I could not help but notice the massive amount of FLIES swarming the front area of the restaurant. The cashier didn't have enough common sense to even chase the flies away. They were landing on top of orders that were waiting to be picked up. All the while she was taking her sweet a** time preping food and making shakes. To top it off we ordered 3 burger meals, 3 shakes and a plate lunch and it came out to $40.... WHAT A RIP OFF. Once I saw the total I turned around and left. I can't believe people still go there to eat their burgers and what not when their food establishment is infested with flies. I'm going to notify the Health Department about this.