Tacos and More

Finally, I'm in Waianae, I've got some time, and Tacos and More is open!

The restaurant is kitty corner from Waianae Post Office. I've missed out on this place since reading about it months ago. A few weeks back, I was in Waianae, but Tacos and More was closed on that day -- a Sunday. Then I was assigned to cover a game at Waianae, but had too many tasks to do that Friday afternoon. No time.

But this past Friday, everything worked out and I enjoyed some great tacos.

I didn't order the tacos at first. I went with the special, as Javier recommended. Turns out the sauce is fine -- chorizo based -- but it was basically pasta. Not so Mexican, and though this was pretty good, it wasn't incredibly memorable. I pondered what to do next; my football game at Waianae (vs. Kapolei) was still an hour away.

That's when I decided to go back in (I'd eaten the pasta in my car) and get the most basic and maybe the truest test of any Mexican eatery: tacos. That was the best decision I made that late afternoon.

Below, photos of the restaurant and it's cozy rooms, the bar (which is actually much dimmer than my pics show) and owners Laura and Javier. I will definitely be back for more. Until then, to all the folks who claimed that Tacos and More is the best Mexican restaurant on Oahu: I can't argue against that claim, at least when it comes to tacos. I'm a believer!

These are the best tacos I've ever had. Surprised? A little. But I'd heard about this place before. These three tacos are pork, chicken and beef. $8.95 for the trio and worth every cent.

That's right. They're so good, they deserve two photos.

These two sauces were so different, yet so compatible. The red, of course, is chili pepper sauce. Fiery and just a tad sweet. The green was tart, almost sour, but follows through nicely, not bitterly. Both went so well with the tacos. I alternated between each.

One of the keys to this taco's greatness is the shell -- nothing I've ever had before in my extremely limited experience with Mexican food. I love texture in my food, and this was texture and crunchiness and flavor beyond my normal comprehension.