Midsummer Top 10

It's sweltering. It's July. It's time for the Pickled Mango Hawaii Top 10! 

1. Taiyo Ramen ... best gyoza. 
2. Rainbow Drive In ... chili plate and slush float are unbeatable in the plate lunch value category.
3. Pho' South King ... beef pho and $1 tapioca/coconut milk are steals.
4. Bangkok Chef ... affordable and always good. Love the cashew nut chicken and curry.
5. Blue Truck Teppanyaki ... downtown at lunch, UH YWCA evenings.
6. Hukilau Cafe ... every meal is thumbs up good.
7. Chodang ... hardcore Korean grinds super cheap.
8. Sunnyside ... can't go to Wahiawa without a stopover.
9. Faith's Drive In (formerly Tasty Freeze) ... can't go to Waianae without those homemade fries with mustard-mayo sauce.
10. Ray's Cafe ... awesome rib-eye steak plate in the heart of Kalihi.