Young's Kal Bee: Best meat jun?

Quality Korean cuisine with a melt-in-your-mouth meat jun as the trump card.

(Photo by Mark Ganialongo) The full spread: Young's Special (BBQ chicken, meat jun) at left and kal bi/meat jun combo at right.

Had never been to Young's, but thanks to Mark, Sunday was my first visit. Won't be my last.

Best meat jun on Oahu? Possibly. The kal bi is also tender and succulent, very sweet.

Slightly out of focus. Bummers.

Crunchy on the left, crunchy on the right. Some say crunchy, not soft/crunchy, is true kim chi. I like both, but prefer soft/crunchy.

Seaweed soup was excellent. Salty and good.

No frills. Just good, simple white rice.

Young's Special, plus mandoo. Mark consumed this in approximately 1 minute, 20 seconds.

Mark checking his iPhone photo of the spread, a moment before the carnage.

Kim of Young's Kal Bee. See the awards on the wall?

Pay a little more for a lot of outstanding quality.