A little dusty in here

I eat food. I like to eat food. I don't like spending lots of dollars to eat food. That's another story.

There are photos I've taken as far back as July 2010 September 2009 that haven't been posted. That's 10 21 months of lots of incredible food. I have a lot of making up to do. First, I'm going to tag each photo with the name of this blog. Not sure why. It's the territorial and pride sides of me, I guess. So that'll take time as I go into my old, old laptop, which actually has Photoshop Elements 3. The simplest and most consumable method is to do one eatery at a time. Then I won't wear myself out trying to make it into a marathon, 21 months of food photos. There are dozens of photos for each of these places, almost all of them. 

I love food. Did I mention that earlier? I only admitted that I "like to eat food." That's only partially true. I need to be clear and transparent so there is no misunderstanding. I love food. Good food. You can have your natto. I'll pass on that and eat everything else. 

Here goes. Don't be greedy on me. One set of photos per day is what you'll get. What do you think I am, some kind of eating machine with eight shovel arms built like giant sporks? (Can someone draw me a sketch of that?)