Denny's Kona

Some places are just sentimental, like Denny's in Kona. Before I moved back to Oahu in 1998, the place had just opened for a year or so. It was a 24-hour spot, just like Wal-Mart and Safeway. In other words, quite exotic.

Last night was my first time at Denny's in Kona since 1998, so I had to sit back and enjoy it, even if I wasn't really hungry after the visit to Starz. Here's what I wrote on Facebook.

• It was so new and shiny and sparkly back then. still nice now. what to eat?

• After a pit stop at the karaoke bar (starz), hot chocolate is so good. Waitress was kind enough to bring me a second mug after i was halfway through this one. I lub this place. even the hash browns are good.

• It got crowded after 2 a.m. I heard one girl tell her bffs about one wild night. Two guys got into it (different booths) and one cracked the other in the face. Then it got empty and nice again. Denny's Kona has a special place in my heart.

I'll add that the service was very nice. My waitress filled up my hot cocoa three times!