Counter guy: "Welcome to Frost City!"
Me: "So ... this is Hong Kong style?" 
Counter guy: "No. This is Taiwanese style." 

I feel like I was questioning his kung fu. Crane style or Drunken Monkey? Anyway, he recommended watermelon, but his favorite is almond, so I got almond. here goes . . .

This is really sweet, but not a heavy sweet aftertaste. The ice is almost dry, but tasty. not sure what to do with this candy cane straw thing. Anybody want it?

Wait. If this place is all about Taiwan style, what happens if the premier of China demands to visit here for a big almond bowl with lychee balls? Do they lock the door on him? "Your money is no good here!" I want to see that.

Actually, the premier would love this stuff, especially on a hot Hawaiian day. Who knows, this might inspire a truce and better relations between the two sides. But if the premier stiffs the shop, that would be bad news. You know, if he ever comes here for an ice-cold sweet treat, it's on me. I'll do my part in the name of world peace.