Tante's Restaurant

My trip to Kona was so brief that I almost forgot about what is actually a very memorable place: Tante's Restaurant. Tante Urban is a fantastic cook/chef who is also someone I met in the 1990s when I worked in Kona. At the time, he had two restaurants, including one at the local bowling alley where he produced some magnificent dishes. My favorites were the shrimp sarisari — he insisted that I try some one day, forcing me to take a bowl — and the world's best fried rice.

This 24-hour trip I made over the weekend allowed me to have a free breakfast at the nearby eatery, which happened to be Tante's more recent place, overlooking Kailua Pier. Quite a view, super comfortable and very old Kona style. The food? Let's just say his fried rice still reigns supreme. The breakfast was a comp from the hotel I stayed at, but price is irrelevant for food this simple, this ono!

The food shot was done on my laptop's Photo Booth. Was too hungry to think about shooting the food with my camera. Portuguese sausage under the toast. So good.