Peace Cafe

After enjoying my shave ice a few blocks away, I turned the corner onto King Street. It's true. Sweets will stimulate your appetite. I suddenly wanted tacos. Diego's Taco Shop was right there. But as I waited on the tacos, I noticed a new place next door. When I last visited Diego's about two years ago, there was nothing memorable in this space. But here it was: Peace Cafe. I peeked in twice before finally walking in.

There were about seven or eight people there, including three at the large table in the center of the customer serving area. It was a very relaxed vibe, and though the Beatles played through the sound system and a pakalolo accessories shop was right next door, Peace Cafe felt more like a coffee shop. I mean, a good coffee shop, mellow and tasty. I wasn't hungry for any of the vegetarian fare, but I just had to try their miso soup, and it was good. The menu items are a bit pricey, but that's typical for veggie fare.

It's no more expensive than most things in Starbucks, and I enjoyed the quiet and air-conditioning. A revisit in the near future is a definite must.