Ray's Cafe

Been awhile since I stopped in at one of my favorite eating places ever. Doesn't matter what you order — everything I've ever tried was A+ level. This time, I gave the rack of pork chops a try. It was so good, it didn't need gravy. I even eschewed my usual A1 steak sauce, which I like on pretty much all my steak or pork chops.

Not here. This was $14.95 of pure satisfaction. Think Ray's would have to be back at No. 1 on my Top 10 Eateries list.

The rack of pork chops. Forgot to shoot the side of tossed salad.

Perfectly roasted everywhere

Perfectly juicy everywhere, down to the bone. 

My pal Donald had the New York steak. 

The steak was super juicy, too

The master himself, Ray, at right