Liliha Bakery

Too much time had passed since my last visit to the hallowed grill and counter at Liliha Bakery. It was a cool evening, I was tired after a long day and night of work, and ready for some comfort food without driving too far late night.

Talk about hitting the spot.

Nothing says Liliha Bakery better than a mammoth bowl of butter

As you know, Heinz is the finest catsup in our galaxy

Years of finely-tuned perfection, a perfect blend of sugar, artificial
flavor and food coloring, and it is highly addictive

I opted for the grilled mahi/hamburger steak special once again

Ever the proportional eater, Greg had a breakfast plate


d1shima said…

We stopped in after Rainbow baseball on Saturday. Had a Loco Moco. The wife had Corn Chowder.

pupule paul said…
They have corn chowder? Whaaaat?