Plastic at Rainbows

Notice that Rainbow Drive In is using plastic plates now. I wasn't so sure it was different at first, but as a lifelong chili plate enthusiast (Rainbows only), I couldn't help notice the difference after I dug into my food a few times.

Question is, what to do with all this non-biodegradable stuff? I'm saving my plates, maybe use them to plant seeds. But I hate to toss these away into the trash and add to our landfill problem.

Update Tuesday, Feb. 7: This great info from my reporter friend.

Paul ... I'm no environmental expert but I have covered city government. 1) Yes, they're not that great for the environment, but on Oahu, stuff like this goes into HPOWER where it's burned for fuel. So rest a bit easier. 2) You are not supposed to reuse styrofoam or plastic plates. You can't just wash and "clean" one because they're really absorbent so it's extremely unhealthy.

So there. Re-using these plastic plates — not good. But I might still use it for planting seeds.