Yogur Story

So many new eateries right in the heart of Urban Honolulu. How can this be? The economy is worse, not better, in the past several years. Population hasn't increased. Yet there are many new places to eat in town, whether they are ramen shops on Kapahulu or even more Asian eateries in the Pawa‘a/Keeaumoku/Kaka‘ako/Iwilei. I can't explain it.

But it's nice. Donald talked me into going to Yogur Story yesterday and Mark joined up with us. It was after dinner hours, so they offered pupus only. I was fine with that. Being on a weight-loss plan makes me less prone to eating mass quantities of food most of the time.

The waiter was cool. He cautioned us that the pupus are not big. But they were good. Very good with just one exception. The BBQ ribs, fried saba, chopped steak, all excellent. The ahi thing that was piled up and topped with some cheese stuff ... for me it was overkill. I like my raw fish to stay pure, touched up poke style if anything. Not cheesy. But it was all right.

All in all, it's a very nice place, unique with the open-door look and roomy confines. More the kind of place you'd take your wife or girlfriend. Cool to visit at least once. Casual and classy.

All photos by Donald Salvador.

Donald had this. They're big on waffles here. He said the fruit
was really fresh, waffle was crispy. I might try this next time,
even though the Pake in me says $8.95 is too much.

Chopped steak. So good. Mushrooms. 

BBQ ribs. Ono. 

Fried saba. Light, crispy, juicy. 

Ahi. A bit of overkill here.