Avocado topping taste test

I always like salsa on my avocado. I love ketchup on my avocado, something my mom always did and I still dig it. But here I try other possibilities.

Hass, on sale at Safeway, 2 for $3

Resi Kobayashi's chili pepper jelly goes well with avocado

Resi's lilikoi butter is SUPREME, but not a good
complement to avocado. Too much creamy texture.

Fresh lime juice, I like, but it overpowers avocado

Can never go wrong with salsa on avocado

Yes, this is peanut butter. Two nutty flavors, not great.

Honey on avocado. Not bad. 

Ketchup on avocado, always my fallback topping.
Hunt's is not as good as Heinz, but it works.