Quiet Enjoyment: A first dip in the well

Santa Cristina, $0. I got this free. 

I didn't pay for this bottle. I don't even drink wine. It was free, a giveaway at the table I sat at for a banquet. Free is usually good. Getting into this wasn't so easy. I don't have a corkscrew. So I bought one from Tamura's. Then I lost it. That killed the excitement at midnight, struggling to get that *(&#!! cork out. 

I planned on going back to Tamura's to get another corkscrew. Instead, I made it to Longs Drugs the next day and found a few different types, far, far better than the $8 dealio I lost. I paid $13 for my new one, this one being made of metal, not plastic. (I'm certain the plastic one would've worked fine, but in my book, more steel is better.) So I finally got into this bottle. 

I guess white wine is white wine. I'm a beer guy. But with beer comes a lot of calories and I am trying to losing weight. So wine seems all right, even if it all tastes the same, the white stuff anyway. Reminded me of those Bartyles & James wine cooler days of the 1980s. 

Something happened, though, as I sipped out of my sparkly new wine glass (purchased from ... uhh I can't remember, but it's made of crystal and does a musical "Zinnnnnngg!" when accidentally poked by metal), I felt an undeniable surge of interest in sipping this stuff. So the wine — cheap wine, not $100 bottles — collection is underway. 

Quiet enjoyment, another way to spend a solitary evening after work. Especially when the old bones are sore from working out and telling me to give it a rest. Wine and lavosh and sriracha and cheddar. Easier on the belly, too, than Tombstone frozen pizza and beer.