Hinone Mizunone

Heard of the place. Passed by it a zillion times. Never ate there. In fact, I hadn't been in this building for maybe 20 years. Back then it was Taco Bell. Now, it's Hinone Mizunone.

The place is bright, clean. So ... alluring? Wide range of ages among the customers, mostly families and friends hanging out. Dave Reardon and I sat down and ordered the two-choice meal. I had the ton katsu and salmon. Dave had ginger pork and fried oysters.

Good stuff! It was, as he said, "Satisfying."

The pupus, I should mention, were good too. Ahi poke. Wasabi poke wasn't bad. Tiny pieces, though, hard to pluck with chopsticks. But tasty.

Service was excellent. Prices reasonable. Next time I'm getting dessert, too.

Noticed that the cooks were all female, and just about everyone working there is female. Works for me!