Mitch's Fish Market

After months (years?) of hearing so much about a tiny hole-in-the-wall near the airport, I finally got to check out Mitch's Fish Market this weekend. Was a good occasion, too, meeting up with old friends, including one visiting from the mainland. All in all, Mitch's was good as hyped. Everything fresh. Everything succulent. Everything awesome. You pay for quality and it pays off.

This photo really doesn't do justice to the incredible variety, the varying levels of tenderness from one fish to another. Wish I'd taken a close-up of each. My favorite was the hamachi (top right), which is barely visible in this photo. So soft, melts in the mouth. Addicting.

Greg brought this exquisite bottle of sake 
back from Japan, where this costs 1/3 of the price here.

Spiny lobster from New Zealand. Hiroshi had this.
They killed poor Herman right on the spot. 
Yes, the flesh was still quivering on the table.

Lobster miso soup: Best Ever.

Lobster roe (eggs). Hiroshi gobbled this up.