JJ's Broiler

Final meal on the Garden Island was at JJ's Broiler. Again, I dined in the Kalapaki Beach area, which was convenient because of my work trip. I was ready to go anywhere in the town to have lunch, but my old pal Tyson Alger, sports editor at The Garden Island newspaper, suggested JJ's.

I went light for a change, having gained probably 5 pounds during the trip, and got the ono sandwich. The view is nice from the restaurant, but for me, it's all secondary to the food. The ono sandwich was superb, and the salad with oil/vinegar dressing was awesome. I didn't mind that the dressing soaked into my sandwich bun. Yeah, that good.

Good service, good food, reasonable price, good company. Good way to depart from Kauai!

Ono sandwich was truly ono

Tyson got the BBQ chicken sandwich. Yeah. Bacon!