Kalapaki Beach Hut

If it seems like all I did on Kauai was eat food in a 50-foot radius of the Kauai Marriott Resort, well ... there's much truth in that. I was working and the food in the area was very, very good. If you like burgers, shave ice, fish sandwiches...

Kalapaki Beach is an actual place, where the view is awesome and the vibe is relaxed. I was hungry. I stepped my way toward another destination (to watch the Heat-Celtics basketball game) and never made it there. Instead, I had the shave ice and then the mushroom burger and taro fries.

The burger was awesome, big and juicy enough that a fork and knife would've been useful. The Hanalei taro was tasty, but would've been better hot or warm. By the time I ate it, it was cool. Still good though.