Pho Kauai

If I were a Lihue resident, it would be hard to avoid Pho Kauai at least weekly. I've been there twice now (albeit over a span of five years or so) and like it. I had the pho with meatballs, take out, on the way back to the hotel during a work trip. Their pho hit the spot, no surprise, and I was content and satisfied for the night. The restaurant provided the hoisin sauce. I bought my own sriracha chili sauce from Kmart. (Not kidding.)

Come to think of it, if I were a Lihue resident, it might suck a little since Pho Kauai closes early — 9 p.m. — like most places on the island. But I could become more of a morning person and enjoy the breakfast joints I hear about. Poipu. Koloa. Hanapepe. Next time!