Cotes du Rhone? It's Costco

For the first time in about 3 months, I actually thought about going to the gym late night to get some much-needed exercise. Instead, I chilled out. I needed relaxation time. By the time I was relaxed, I felt more like a brew than a stationary bicycle. So I finished off a bottle of Hawaii Nui Brown Ale. (I kept half of it nice and fresh with a wine-bottle cap thingy.)

Then I opened a bottle of Kirkland 2010 Cotes du Rhone Villages red wine. That's right. Costco wine. It was $4.99. I could not resist since I am on a quest for cheap, quality wine. Yes, cheap and quality in one product. See, I saw the doc on Costco awhile back and the woman in charge of their wine selections doesn't use science to make her choices — which are aplenty around the world. No, she goes by pure taste. It seems to be working. Their wine section is massive now, not that I ever noticed before the past month.

Anyway, the Cotes due Rhone Villages red wine isn't too acidic. Goes down smoothly, has a little tartness, but is also sweet enough and is 14% alcohol just like most other red wines. I love that little places can get massive, global distribution just by pleasing the taste buds of one person at a massive company. But score one more for the cheap, (half) Pake guy who refuses to pay $50 for a bottle of wine.