Thursday, May 24, 2012

Puffettes Egg Puff

Saw this truck's name somewhere in the hazy, busy past few weeks. But what is an "egg puff"? I got my chance a few days ago. The truck was parked on Ward Ave, near Sports Authority. Opportunity!

It took only a couple of minutes to get my fresh, brand new egg puffs. Nothing eggy about them at all. More like a pastry with a waffle-ish twist. I would've liked them even more crispy, but that's just my little preference. For $3 and change, it was a LOT of goodies. I can see having this (warm/hot) with ice-cold vanilla ice cream.

One day.

It's a one-man operation, a neat throwback truck with a cool paint job.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Columbia Cellarmaster's Reisling

Broke out a new bottle, this one a white wine to go with spaghetti dinner. Hadn't had white wine in a few months. This one tasted like soda, but had a deceptively powerful kick. I slept good.

Got this at a discount, still not super cheap and it's weird that wine bottles are sometimes twist-off tops. But I don't really care as long as it tastes good.

Columbia Winery 2009
Cellarmaster's Reisling

That's Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Spacey on the 
TV screen. First time I've seen "The Negotiator".

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mitch's Fish Market

After months (years?) of hearing so much about a tiny hole-in-the-wall near the airport, I finally got to check out Mitch's Fish Market this weekend. Was a good occasion, too, meeting up with old friends, including one visiting from the mainland. All in all, Mitch's was good as hyped. Everything fresh. Everything succulent. Everything awesome. You pay for quality and it pays off.

This photo really doesn't do justice to the incredible variety, the varying levels of tenderness from one fish to another. Wish I'd taken a close-up of each. My favorite was the hamachi (top right), which is barely visible in this photo. So soft, melts in the mouth. Addicting.

Greg brought this exquisite bottle of sake 
back from Japan, where this costs 1/3 of the price here.

Spiny lobster from New Zealand. Hiroshi had this.
They killed poor Herman right on the spot. 
Yes, the flesh was still quivering on the table.

Lobster miso soup: Best Ever.

Lobster roe (eggs). Hiroshi gobbled this up.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hilo grindz

Just a quick 24-hour stay in Hilo as I worked an assignment. Just enough time to get some breakfast near Suisan (by Hilo Bay), some dinner at Ken's House of Pancakes, and late night pupus from Suisan.

Poke fried rice with tossed salad

Jerry Campany, my fellow sportswriter,
had the island burger

Suisan has all kinds of poke

Plenty of old memories stopping here to eat after
covering and playing basketball games East side.

Had the grilled teri chicken for the first time since
the 1990s. Still awesome.

Jerry had the #33 omelette

Suisan's ahi poke and aku poke. Gotta have the poi!

No utensils or bowls in the hotel room, 
so I make do.

First time seeing this big bottle. 
Jerry picked this up for $5. Lots of hoppy taste, 
good with spicy food