Taru sake

Nine months between posts.
Shame on me, for I ate much.
Not much very new.

This bottle was sitting on the shelf for a few weeks. Not sure why I bought it, except maybe a teeny part of me has always wondered about the world's attraction to sake. I had it long ago, maybe more than two decades ago. It was not bad. No funky aftertaste that I can remember.

This stuff? It's called Taru Sake. That's all I know. And the label says it's produced in Japan. Is this the kind that should be served cold or warm? No idea. So I drink it with a couple of ice cubes in a tea cup. Not a purist. Just interested in the taste.

It has a unique aftertaste. Not sure how to describe it. It's not fruity like wine and it's not harsh like vodka. I'll say this: I like a good bottle of beer better. But a change of pace is fine by me.