Going to Madeira

One of these days...
I'll melt cold bacon and Portuguese sausage fat, fry a panko-covered smoked cheese in it. And stuff it into a mini, freshly baked naan. With a sliver of homegrown broccoli leaf and cherry tomato.
Until then, these will do on a chilly late night as I get some work done. Who needs to go out on a night like this anyway?

The Broadbent Madeira wine — I don't even remember if I've blogged about it before — is extremely sweet, a total surprise the first time I had it. But not too bad if you know what's coming. It looks more like apple juice. Dark apple juice.

The boiled peanuts are cold, of course, nothing as good as freshly boiled. But they taste good anyway. So does azuki bean mochi. Simple pleasures and quiet enjoyment.